Party Deck

Fox Dock marine constructors can help you create a usefull Party Deck where you can hang out with your friends and family, relax, catch some rays, and have the finest spot to view Lake Norman's famous fire works deplays.

Saltzman's Project

Pier with Seating Area, Boathouse, and Party Deck

* Pilings: Marine grade wood pilings were driven into the lake bed to support the frame of the pier.

* Frame: The frame of the boathouse and ramp is a galvenized sea chanel that was refurbished by adding new galvanized hardware and re-galvanizing troubled areas of the frame. As for the frame of the pier and seating area 2 x 8 pressure treated lumber was fastened together with galvenized rust resistant bolts.

* Frame Encasements: Pressure treated 2 x 10's that encase the frame and create an inset decking effect were through bolted to the side of each frame with galvanized rust resistant bolts.

* Floatation: The floatation used was 24 inch deep black Formex floats. The deeper 24 inch floatation was installed to lift the boathouse higher up out of the water, it has added a greater stability, and now the boathouse handles the waves with ease.

* Dock Rubbers: Black Astro Nautics dock were nailed to the sides of the floating slip with black PolyTop nails.

* Decking: Ivory colored Azek decking fastened down with matching Ivory colored coated screws. Custom decking frame has Mocha colored Azek with matching screws.

* Handrails: 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 pressure treated handrail posts that have beige colored vinyl post sleeves. Handrails are split rail system with Azek decking Mocha and Ivory color.

* Benches: The upper deck has wrap around benches with the color combination of Mocha and Ivory colored Azek decking. The seating area has a L-shaped bench section with the same Ivory and Mocha Azek decking color combo.

Let us help you have the most beautiful custom dock and pier on your lake front. Contact Fox Dock anytime to begin the process of building your very own waterfront paradise.

DR. Saltzmans turn key project