Sweet Surrender

Do you need a place to relax and forget about every day stress? What could be better than a nice seating area where you can surrender to a lounge chair and take in all of nature's beauty?? Fox Docks marine construction in Mooresville NC can help you achieve spiritual zin.

Killgore's Project

New Pier, Seating Area, Ramp, Floating Slip, and Installation of Two HydroPort Jet Ski Lifts

* Pilings: There are marine grade wood pilings driven into the lake bed to support the floating slip, pier, and seating area.

* Frame: The frame of the pier, seating area, ramp, and floating slip consists of 2 x 8 and 2 x 10 pressure treated lumber fastened together with galvanized rust resistant bolts. The 2 x 10 encase the frame and create an inset decking effect.

* Floatation: Black Formex floats were secured to the frame of the floating slip with galvanized rust resistant bolts.

* Dock Rubbers: Black Astro Nautics dock rubbers and extra padded corner dock rubbers were installed to the sides of the floating slip with black PolyTop nails.

* Decking:Khaki colored Veka Pro decking was fastened down to the frame with the stainless steel screws.

* Handrail Posts and Handrails: 6 x 6 pressure treated handrail posts where through bolted to the side of the frame on the pier, seating area and ramp with galvanized bolts. The posts have vinyl post sleeves and caps with vinyl pickets in between each post.

* Seating Area Roof: Stick built hip roof with 6 x 6 roof posts with white vinyl sleeves that are bolted to the frame of the seating area with galvanized bolts. The roof consists of 2 x 8 pressure treated lumber, Spruce pine lumber, 1 x 4 dead wood, and a mixture of 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 pressure treated lumber. Roofing installed is Tin. Fascia board on the roof is the khaki colored Veka decking.

* Jet Ski Lifts: Two HydroHoist HydroPort jet ski lifts were installed to the frame of the floating slip.

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